• A mature control system with high accuracy, user-friendliness, a simple and easy-to-understand operation. operators can set temperatures, power, and speeds in accordance with users’ requirements, and can adapt to production conditions in different regions and climates.
  • Tunnel dryer’s temperature can be set freely from room temperature to 200 degrees.
  • The overall design is exceptional, with an efficient preservation performance of heat loss, and low power consumption.
  • Each section has an independent hot air circulation system to ensure that the airflow in the box circulates at a high speed in order to eliminate the possibility of heat accumulation. the temperature of each part is evened to ensure the same dry effect; the high-speed circulating hot air increases heat permeation to the fabric and speeds up the drying effect.
  • The dryer comes with a high-efficiency energy-saving radiant lamp tube and stainless steel reflector which makes heat energy use more efficient.



Product name Double Layer Tunnel Dryer
Maximum width 800mm
Maximum temperature 200℃
Electric power 18KW
Effective heating area 2.5m
Dimensions 3000x1200x1600mm
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